Shopping Online with Confidence


So you know that year…. 2020 and now into 2021, well… has proved to change our lives. We are seeing culture shifts everywhere and they are going to erupt faster than we could have ever imagined.

One shift that we see coming is that we will be buying more apparel online now than we have ever before. Some may say…what is hard about that?!! But others….well they are frightened completely. You have ZERO idea how it is going to look, feel, fit…smell (yes that can be one too LOL).

I never liked to shop online because of this and I KNOW many of you feel the same way. Others, you may have been doing this for years now and wouldn’t ever want to step foot in a store again. Since opening Live Inspired Apparel, my mindset has shifted. I have SHIFTED to becoming someone that now shops mostly online AND shops for OTHER PEOPLE….whattttttt???

I wanted to share some tips and tricks that I have found helpful in shopping online that may help you become more confident in your decisions!

1. Know your measurements.

This one can be fairly simple. MOST listings online will provide some form of Size Chart. If you know what your measurements are around your chest, waist and hips you should be able to figure where you fall on the size chart. In many cases (especially with us women), a size Large could fit like a Unisex S….just depending on the brand.

2. Find your trigger words.

This one for me always makes me laugh and you may think I am crazy but it has worked for me for years. I totally AVOID any listing that says form-fitting, runs small, or women’s cut. In my experience, these words have been nothing but trouble for me. I try to look for words like relaxed, flowy, forgiving and flattering for all body types. These have NEVER failed me looking for myself and now for others. If you are someone who likes form-fitting clothes or have a petite frame, these will be the words that you want to look for!

3. Read the Return Policy.

I seriously can’t stress this enough! Most stores will have a 30-day return window and some will extend over the holidays. However, make sure to understand how to return and if it is convenient for you. I have had some nightmares when it comes to returns but it is because I didn’t read up on it before purchasing. As a boutique owner, I try to make it as seamless and possible by offering to pay for the return label. All the customer will need to do is pack the item and print the label. No lie, we have sometimes mailed printed labels for those that haven’t had a printer. A good company will work to make the customer feel appreciated even when returning. I will repeat this again and again….NO BUSINESS SHOULD EVER MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY FOR RETURNING APPAREL.

4. Read OR Ask for a Review.

The larger stores that are selling apparel will most likely have a section for reviews. Read through 10-20 to see if you find any common themes. You will be able to tell a lot about sizing, quality and overall satisfaction here. If you are looking at a small boutique shop, message the Facebook page or comment on the post! Chances are you will get a direct consultation with the boutique owner to talk about sizing and fit. They may have send you reviews from others or send pictures of actual people wearing the item (benefits of small business).

5. Watch the LIVE SALES (if offered).

A lot of the reason I started doing Live Sales is that I can go over sizing and fit with my customers. It doesn’t mean you HAVE to purchase an item from the Live Sale but if you are curious how clothes fit from overall, check out the Live Sales and see what variety that they offer. You can immediately ask questions to the owner and they will easily be able to get back to you. It is also like a virtual shopping trip with your gals and you can have a glass of wine or cocktail while you sit on your couch and shop! (Seriously, does it get any better?

6. Find your favorites and stick to them.

Once you find a few places that you have good experiences with, stick to them! See if the have a VIP group that has flash sales and if you can get on email/SMS lists to get the best deals! Most online stores will reward their best customers time and time again.

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