2020: The Year of Overcoming

o·ver·come (verb)

1. succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty):

2. defeat (an opponent); prevail

As I sit here drinking a Coffee Barrel Cream Ale from Lexington Brewing Company at 2:41 PM on New Years Eve....I can't help but to reflect on what this year means to many us.  I know we are all ready to put this year the hell behind us and start fresh in 2021....but the reality is, we won't wake up tomorrow with COVID gone or any less battles to overcome. 

2020 was a Year of Overcoming.  Today, as I look back and reflect, I think about everything we as a community, society, and country OVERCAME.  Was it easy?  Hell no.  Is it going to get easier in 2021?  As much as we can hope for the best, it may not.  HOWEVER, The really amazing thing that I think though is how the people we know, we love, and we support "figured it out."  I remember talking to my Mom in the early days of COVID and saying "how are we going to beat this?"  And I will never forget her response..."Elise, if there is one thing I am confident about, is that the people in this country will ALWAYS figure out a way to overcome."  YES!! We found ways to support each other that we never thought were possible.  We found ways to support our front line workers as they figured out how to fight the biggest fight they could have ever imagined in a professional career.  We found ways to stay afloat and we found ways of coping with new stressors in life (as if we already didn't have a plate full).  We found different ways to RELIEVE stress...maybe in a book or an at home workout or simply a walk with the dog.  We fought battles we never could have even imagined fighting....fighting for your business to survive the shutdowns, fighting to get into a nursing home to see a loved one, fighting to stay safe from the virus and wondering if we would infect someone that would struggle to survive it.   We ALL had different battles, but we fought like hell to overcome.  We should all be DAMN FREAKIN' PROUD of what we have overcome this year.  We were thrown curve ball after curve ball and we were relentless in figuring shit out. 

Personally, I overcame a lot of dark, isolated, and lonely many others...and yet we prevailed.  We overcame canceled family gatherings, trips, and community events...but we stayed strong.  Many of us had to overcome the loss of loved ones, funerals that never happened, and sick family members...but we stayed strong.  We overcame what we "planned for 2020" and became more grateful for health, safety and stability.  In a way, we stayed closer to our values and life slowed down....sometimes too much for my liking LOL but in a way, my soul needed it.   

Overcoming the smallest life obstacles isn't easy and we were all given some pretty high hurdles this year and we will be more resilient because of it.  So before you just decide to throw 2020 out the window....reflect on the lessons you learned and ALL that you and your family/friends have battled and prevailed this year.  Take those lessons into 2021 with a renewed hope and warm heart that we are on the road to a better world, for all of us.  

Wishing all of my favorite people a Happy New Year!!! 

2020, Thanks for the Lessons.  2021, I am humbly welcoming you with a warm and hopeful heart.  


All my best, 



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