What is Live Inspired Apparel?

The last few months have been pretty much life changing for me...from starting a brand new job, to creating an online business, it has been nothing but go go go. Recently someone asked me, what made you decide to start Live Inspired Apparel? I really wanted to have some time to reflect over the last few months. I knew WHY I wanted to start Live Inspired Apparel, but the process of getting there is the most interesting part of our story. They say you fall into adventures that you never would have imagined, and this by far is an adventure I would have laughed at years ago.

What initially sparked my interest in "designing" was starting to do the social media/merchandise sales for my boyfriend's dirt track racing team. I became pretty involved in seeing what other people had to offer and knowing what sold vs. what didn't sell, etc. I remember walking around Eldora Speedway at the Kings Royal to see what other merchants were selling. Since at the time I was doing some of his social media posts, I found a inexpensive graphic design program to help a little bit with that. I started dabbling into some very small design work when I had the time. The funny thing was, I would find myself spending hours playing around with it and would forget about time, social media, any problems I was having, etc. It became kind of therapy for me in a way after a stressful day of work. I knew that this would be some form of expressing myself, just didn't know how.

I started to get into making some inspirational digital downloads and decided to sell on Etsy. I knew I wanted to incorporate in my line the feeling of living your best life, chasing adventure, and being a badass... basically. Wild and Free Design Etsy shop was established in June of 2019. You see...many of my family and friends LOVED my designs but I would often hear, I would love it on a shirt or on a mug!


After lots of research and trial and error, ideas rolling and then getting thrown out....I found a quote I once wrote for grad school and at the end of it I said "Live matter what life throws at you, always take time to live your life based on what inspires you, for you'll never feel unworthy and your passion and light will always shine bright."

It then hit me...create a line of apparel that takes what inspires us and displays this on products we also love and enjoy! I have had such fun designing and bringing things that I love to life. In addition to what's on the website, probably my most favorite part of this journey is being able to customize apparel to fuel others passion.

Most recently made a custom set for my best friend growing up for her and Ellie, the brand new addition to my extended family of friends. It was a Mommy and me set "Strong Mama" and "Strong like Mama". The smile on her face when she saw the gift set showed me her passion radiating being a mother and how important something so small was to her.

Below you see Melisa and Ellie leaving the hospital in their matching shirts....I won't lie, I shed a few tears seeing these pictures. Live Inspired Apparel was there when the most important moment of her life happened, getting to take her new baby home from the hospital...healthy and ready to be strong and live inspired!

I am looking forward to extending these moments of living inspired to all my friends and family and working to build a community of people working towards living their best life and having the confidence to do so.

Excited to see where this new adventure goes, but I look forward to every single step of the journey to get wherever LIA will be going.